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Privacy Policy
The Qpid Network Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use Qpid Network subsidiary sites’ services ("Services"), including information provided when you use Asiamatchonline. In addition, the following describes our additional privacy practices that are specific to Asiamatchonline.

  1. About Asiamatchonline and Information We Collect From You

    This Site and the Service is an online network/system that provides a powerful tool for the local dating and marriage service providers in different cites in Asia to submit and have their ladies profiles posted online. Also, the functions of this Site enable those service providers to help you and the ladies communicate in an easier way by removing obstacles such as language barrier and cultural differences, ladies' computer illiteracy or unfamiliarity in using the Internet etc. So, you can easily build up a relationship with your favorite lady, which leads to marriage.

    As a Asiamatchonline member, your profile can include personal information, such as your gender, first, middle and last names, date of birth, ethnicity, email address and residence country, plus other content such as your relationship status, your ideal match age range. Based on this information, we will send you weekly updates up to the criterion you selected whether receive or not. This information may be accessed and viewed by others, as determined by your privacy settings.

  2. How We Use Your Information

    Your email address is used to help us to efficiently operate the Site, to contact you in connection with your transactions, enquiry and other activities on the Site, including confirmation emails, or notification of mails from other members you correspond with, or weekly updates that meet your criteria of ideal match.

  3. Our Disclosure of Your Information

    Qpid Network maintains and processes your personal information and content of your communications in order to provide your Asiamatchonline membership, access to the Site, and use of Asiamatchonline services, in addition to the purposes described in the Qpid Network Privacy Policy. Your profile information is displayed according to the preferences you set in the Qpid Network Account.

    Asiamatchonline may also share your personal information with other Qpid Network sites, a sponsor or other third party that is interested in serving you ("Third-Party Providers"). You may instruct Asiamatchonline at any time not to share your personal information with such Third-Party Providers. Please note that this opt-out process may take up to thirty (30) days to complete.

    Further use and/or disclosure of your personal information by Third-Party Providers is not the responsibility of Asiamatchonline. Rather, such use and/or disclosure is governed by the Third-Party Providers' privacy policies.

    You can choose whether your profile should be visible or hidden on our Site.

    a)  "Visible", which means your personal data, self-description will be viewed by service providers with whom we cooperate (the "Agencies"), and by the ladies from those service providers. And none of your contact information will be revealed to them.

    b)  "Hidden", which means none of the information contained in your profile will be viewed by those service providers and ladies posted on this Site. Only Asiamatchonline staff can see your profile.

    No matter which profile status you choose, your profile on this Site will not be seen outside Asiamatchonline and the Agencies office.

  4. Your Credit Card Details

    If you pay by your credit card online, to protect your privacy we use highly secured industry order processing provided by third-party billing companies (such as 2CheckOut, and PayPal). Those companies we cooperate with enjoy good reputation and reliability in the industry of its kind. With use of the third-party credit card processors, your credit card information is entered using a secure server, and transferred internally using PGP, the most powerful encryption tool available. Your customer details may not be sold or made available to anyone else and your credit card details are only known by our order processors.

  5. EMF Mails with the ladies on this Site

    With the use of the phone-informing Email Forwarding (EMF) Service, the content of your mails are forwarded to the ladies on the "AS IS" basis and kept private, only staff in Asiamatchonline and the staff in the service providers who deal with Asiamatchonline-related service can see them. All service providers that Asiamatchonline cooperate with should operate in accordance with our contractual agreement, and should never expose them to any unrelated persons.

  6. Your choices

    Qpid Network provides a number of tools to restrict who can view your profile and other personal information. You may go to the account setting area to limit the viewing of certain information of yourself. If you want to update or correct inaccuracies in your information, you may login to your account and modify it. In case you want to permanently remove profile from our database, you may contact us. You can terminate your membership at any time. If you terminate your membership, your profile, including any messages in your inbox, will be removed from the Site and deleted from Asiamatchonline servers. Because of the way we maintain this service such deletion may not be immediate, and residual copies of your profile information may remain on backup media.

  7. More information

    For more information about our privacy practices, go to the full privacy policy. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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